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Steam Boat Tarjanne and the Poet’s Way

The Poet’s Way steams off on Näsijärvi lake when the steam boat Tarjanne takes the passengers on a journey to the past. Tarjanne's charm still works even after over a hundred years. The famous sound of Tarjanne steam whistle starts the journey through the unique sceneries of the lake Näsijärvi towards Ruovesi and Virrat.Tarjanne sails every Wednesday and Friday 5.6.-17.8. at 10 am from Mustalahti harbour. The Poet’s Way route from Tampere to Virrat takes 8 hours, and it is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh air and to see the world-famous Finnish lake sceneries, beautiful countryside and green forests that have inspired many great artists during the years.
Mustalahden tapahtumasatama, Paasikiventie, Tampere