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Taikaranta opening at Särkänniemi

Taikaranta, the Magic Shore, is a new activity and play area of the amusement park Särkänniemi. The opening day of this novelty is Saturday May 16th and there will be some fun performances fro the whole family! Entarnce to Särkänniemi and the new area are free of charge, and the park will be open 13–20.


Most of the programme takes place at the new stage, Estraadi:

14.00–14.30 Theatre Mukamas presents: Teddybear’s bag
15.15–15.45 Siina & Taikaradio kids’ orchestra
16.15–16.45 Lund Dance dance show
17.00–17.30 Theatre Mukamas presents: Teddybear’s bag
17.45–18.15 Clown Lilli Pii

26.05.2018 13:00-20:00
Laiturikatu 1 33230 Tampere