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Kaupinoja sauna

Kaupinoja sauna is situated by lake Näsijärvi close to the UKK-Institute. There has been a sauna on the spot since 1977, but the sauna has gone through several transformations and renovations.

Kaupinoja sauna is open every day – except the second Tuesday of the month, when maintenance works are done.

Opening hours

1.9.–30.4. (winter)
Mon-Fri klo 15.00-20.45
Sat           klo 14.00-18.45
Sun          klo 12.00-20.45

1.5.–31.8. (summer)
Mon – Fri  klo 16.00-20.45
Sat           klo 14.00-18.45
Sun          klo 12.00-20.45

Exceptions will be notified on the Kaupinoja sauna website.

The parking space for the sauna visitors is situated behind the UKK-institute.

The big sauna can be rented for private use only outside opening hours. The takkatupa premises and the adjoining small electrically heated sauna can be rented for private occasions.

Kaupinojan Sauna, Kaupinpuistonkatu, Tampere, Suomi
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