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Kintulammi outdoor area

Kintulammi is a great – newly updated – nature destination with trails, duckboards, lean-to’s and signposts. It is situated 20 km from the city centre of Tampere, in the Teisko-Aitolahti district.

How to get there: Tampere public transport bus lines 28A and 90 operate to Aitolahti-Sorila intersection at regular intervals. From the intersection, it’s a roughly three-kilometer walk along Pulesjärventie to the trail leading to the area. You can also turn to Kintulammentie at the intersection roughly 1,6 kilometers from the bus stop. Pulesjärventie is quite busy and there is heavy gravel truck traffic on the road. For safety reasons, walking IS NOT RECOMMENDED with children or large groups.

You can find map of Kintulammi here.

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