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Big Up! Reggae Friday w/ selector Skruface

Gastropub Soho presents Big Up! Reggae Fridays.

Approximately every second friday our pub goes reggae. We have drinks, food and good company, and now we add some jamaican style seasonings to the mix.

Each Big Up! -friday will have a different DJ on the decks, each playing strictly reggae in their own individual style.

We have some seasoned veterans and some up and coming talent lined up for you. So save the dates and feel the music.
Our aim is to keep the good old reggae vibes alive in Tampere – and spread some love all over the world.

So welcome one, welcome all – BIG UP!

31.01.2020 21:00-23:00
Otavalankatu 10, 33100 Tampere

G Livelab Tampere LIVE

01.09.2020 19:00-23:00
Puutarhakatu 1, Tampere, Suomi

Katubaari Axu live

25.09.2020 21:00-23:00
Ilmarinkatu 47, Tampere, Suomi

Bar Kylä livekeikat

26.09.2020 22:00-23:59
Bar Kylä, Koivistontie 38, 33820 Tampere, Suomi

Aamusaunaelämys Kuumassa

01.10.2020 06:30-09:00
Saunaravintola Kuuma, Laukontori 21, 33200 Tampere, Suomi

Pub Armo live

02.10.2020 22:00
Siltakatu 7, Tampere, Suomi