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Duos Showcase (ENG) – YesKlubi

Englanninkielinen improesitys Teerenpelissä.

YesKlubi Presents: Duos Showcase!

A duo is more than just a two-person show; it is a show featuring two unique players who share a united chemistry on stage. For a duo to stand out, the format highlights the two players as individuals, but also together as a team, making it impossible to replace either of the players and still create the same show.

This showcase is a part of 10-Hour Intensive Course that gives the performing duos all the tools needed to create their unique 2-Person Formats.

YesKlubi is a weekly improv club providing a stage for Improvisers from Tampere (and beyond) to perform, grow, and connect with one another! YesKlubi has shows every Sunday, alternating between English and Finnish each week. Shows will be headlined by our Mainstage Productions, and feature YesFinland”s House & Farm teams, Guests, Ensembles, and more!

8€ General / 5€ (students, pensioners)
Card & Cash accepted!

31.03.2019 19:00-21:00
Ravintola Teerenpeli, Hämeenkatu, Tampere