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Tampere Gallery Week

Tampere Gallery Week is a event which brings Tampere's galleries together to celebrate art. The participating galleries in this year's Gallery Week are Gallery Himmelblau, Gallery Rajatila, Gallery Ronga, Gallery Saskia, Culture House Laikku's Gallery and Studio, Art Center Mältinranta and Photographic Center Nykyaika. The Gallery Week celebrates art in multiple languages.   Tiistai 23.10. 16 - 18 Gallery Tour in Gallery Ronga, Photographic Center Nykyaika and Gallery Saskia in Russian. Tour guide art historian Elena Anokhina. Keskiviikko 24.10 18.15 - 20  Gallery Tour in Photographic Center Nykyaika, Culture House Laikku and Art Center Mältinranta in Swedish. Tour guide art historian and art critic Maaria Salo. Perjantai 26.10. 15 - 16 Art Center Mältinranta: Presentation of exhibitions of Jaakko Kahilaniemi and Kukka Pitkänen in English by Anne Paldanius, exhibition coordinator.   See full program on Tampere Gallery Week's website!