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Tampere and its’ eskers, forests, lakes and urban views are beautiful, and especially from above. Climb up to Pyynikki observation tower and enjoy the spectacular view over lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi. Inside the observation tower is also the famous Munkkikahvila café. Make sure you taste their delicious doughnuts! In the city centre you can also make you way up. In the Roof Walk Finlayson Area you can admire Tammerkoski rapids, the central square and historical red brick buildings. You’ll also hear stories about Tampere and its’ history.

Did you know there are famous stairs in Pispala, where many of Tampere’s own hockey stars train? If you want to test if you’re in great shape head to these legendary stairs. The beginning is at Mäkikatu street next to Rajaportti sauna. There are a total of 310 stairs, and they climb up the magnificent Pispalanharju ridge.

Speaking of saunas, Tampere is the Sauna Capital of the World! So while you visit Tampere, you should definitely test out some of our great public saunas. There are over 55 of them in the Tampere Region! Traditional saunas, Rajaportti and Rauhaniemi Folk Spa, are the ones where you’ll meet the locals. Visit also the new and modern Sauna Restaurant Kuuma, located in Laukontori market place.

When you’re hungry or want to buy souvenirs, stop by at the Tampere Market Hall. Did you know that it is the largest in the Nordic countries? The Market Hall is located in the heart of the city.

Our Top 6 at the Tampere Market Hall

  1. So, you think the Swedes are famous for their meatballs? Think again. Pyörykkäbaari restaurant at the Market Hall is definitely worth a visit for anyone who is into meatballs, steaks and sausages!
  2. The restaurant 4 vuodenaikaa brings a hint of France to Tampere. Their salmon soup is especially famous! As they say, “Eat well, laugh often, love profusely!” and the same in French: “Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup!”
  3. Burgerlover? Ohana Bakery & Grille’s burgers have been selected as the best in Tampere!
  4. Sushibar Umami is the smallest sushi bar in town, but they serve the biggest flavours.
  5. If you have a sweet tooth or you’re looking for something tasty to take home with you, Suklaapuoti chocolate shop is your place. Their shop at the Stable Yards have even wider selection of chocolates.
  6. The many cafés in Kauppahalli. It’s impossible to choose only one! They are all great and serve for example many different traditional Finnish pastries.