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Visit Tampere Ltd is an expert organization for tourism, events and congresses in Finland’s most popular tourist city, Tampere. Our goal is to strengthen the position of Tampere as an internationally attractive location for tourists, events and congresses. We are owned byt the City of Tampere and we are a subsidiary of Business Tampere.

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Street address (appointments)

Visit Tampere
Kelloportinkatu 1 B
FI-33100 Tampere

Postal address

Visit Tampere Ltd
Kelloportinkatu 1 C
FI-33100 Tampere

Billing address

Please note, that we do not accept paper invoices or invoices via e-mail.

EDI: 0037259074692410
Operator: CGI
Operator ID: 003703575029
Business ID (Visit Tampere Ltd): 2590746-9

If your company cannot send e-invoices, please register to Monetra Supplier Portal. When you are using the Supplier Portal for the first time, please contact Monetra customer service (

Business development

Marja Aalto

Senior Specialist

My job is to promote the international accessibility of Tampere Region. My area of expertise is aviation, but all kinds of smart mobility, travel chains and the development of regional tourism are a matter of the heart for me.

Turo Leppänen

Project Manager

I am responsible for curating the Visit Finland DataHub database and implementing this information on our website. In conjunction with this, I also represent Visit Tampere in the Lakeland Finland project. One of its goals is to create a common sales channel for international top products of the Lakeland area. Additionally, I work on our business intelligence and take care of recruiting trainees at Visit Tampere.

Matti Pollari

Project Manager, Sustainable Tourism Development

Working on carbon neutral tourism development, Sustainable Tourism Mobility project and coordinating Sustainable Travel Finland destination programme in Tampere and its region. Cycling travel and Pispala dear to my heart.

Global sales & Marketing

Noora Heino

Director, Global Sales & Marketing

I am a passionate and sales driven global sales and marketing leader. I am in charge of global sales and marketing at Visit Tampere. My global sales and marketing team is responsible for Germany, UK, Japan and Russia, entailing partner relations and marketing co-operation and PR activities.

Anni Ylinen

Marketing and Communications Manager

I manage the overall picture of the tourism marketing of Tampere region. I am especially responsible for Visit Tampere’s international campaigns and attracting international tourists to Tampere. I am also responsible for the social media channels and website content of Business Tampere.

Mari Saloniemi

Account Manager, Asia

I’m in charge of the Asian market, working in close cooperation with my colleagues in the Western Lakeland area and Visit Finland.

Katariina Onnela

Marketing and Communications Manager

I’m responsible for our website and our social media. I’m also in charge of domestic marketing campaigns.

Pirjo Puukka

Account Manager, Germany and the UK

I’m responsible for the German and UK markets working together with the Western Lakeland area and Visit Finland.

Olga Javits

PR & Media Manager

I’m responsible for Visit Tampere’s domestic and international influencer and media collaborations. I also plan and implement international PR campaigns.  

Katriina Istolahti

Marketing and Communications Manager

I mainly work with Business Tampere’s changing projects. I’m helping our experts in their marketing and communication challenges though written and visual expression.

Johanna Sahlgren

Marketing and Communications Manager

I am responsible for the Business Tampere social media channels and the domestic influencer marketing of Business Tampere and Visit Tampere. My work also consists of strategy and responsibility communication, changing communication and marketing entities, as well as content and brochure production. I represent Visit Tampere in the KOVA and VIRMA projects.

Anna-Krista Sorvoja

Director, Business Development

I am responsible for the development of the region’s tourism ecosystem, especially through digitalisation, data utilization and knowledge management.

Laura Vanzo

Photographer and Visual Contents

I am Visit Tampere’s photographer. I create visual content that highlights Tampere Region’s touristic gems and attractiveness. I work together with our partner companies and services, as well as with other tourism actors. My images and videos are used in our different channels (website & social media) and are available in our Photobank. I’m also the person behind @visittampereofficial Instagram.

Heli Jokela

Marketing Manager, on maternity leave

I’m a marketing multitasker, in charge of e.g. our international campaigns.

Laura Paronen

Content Specialist

I produce content to our website, keep it updated and also update @visittampereofficial Instagram account. Improving Photo bank is also part of my job. I lend a helping hand in different tasks, too.


Pia Helminen

Account Manager, Congresses and Meetings

I’m the person to contact if you are planning an international conference in Tampere. You can also meet me at international fairs or at sales calls.

Why Tampere?

I love the history and beautiful red brick buildings in Tampere.

Laila Walldén

Account Manager, Congresses

I’m the person to contact if you are planning an international conference in Tampere. You can also meet me at the university campuses.


Johanna Holmberg

Director, Finance and Administration

Visit Tampere Tourist Information
visittampere (at)
Tel. +358 (0)3 5656 6800

Visit Tampere tourist information offers information, brochures, tips, maps and much more. For both summer and winter season, we gather together a weekly activity programme with suggestions for every weekday. The tourist information is at your service all year round on social media and by e-mail and telephone, and in the summertime you can get service in person at Frenckell service point. We will also be present at major events.

Guided tours

You can book a guided tour or a guide for your tour from Tampere Tourist Guides.

Tel. +358 41 730 2242
opasvaraukset (at)