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Visit Tampere monitors impacts of coronavirus pandemic on the Tampere region. 

In the Pirkanmaa region, the visitors must have the possibility to wash hands or use hand sanitizer and it is strongly recommended to wear a mask in public transport, taxis and indoors where close contact cannot be avoided.


Border traffic

COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing all over the world. There are restrictions for border traffic as of Dec 28, 2021. The restrictions are different depending where you are travelling from, so please check them carefully. 

For more information, see Finnish institute for health and welfare guidelines here.

Use the digital Finnentry service that aims at making your travel to Finland easier during the pandemic.

For up-to-date information on traveling to Finland, see e.g. Visit Finland’s page and Finnish Government’s website.



From Feb 19, there are no restrictions regarding events and gatherings. The hygiene requirements for events are in force.



There are no restrictions in restaurants from March 1.


Other useful links:

Coronavirus COVID-19 – Instructions in English on the website of TAYS Central Hospital in Tampere

City of Tampere: Information in different languages

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