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The Ikävänmaa trail leads to northern Nokia, to the shores of Lake Alinenjärvi and Brook Laajanoja. The Ikävänmaa trail is an easy 3,2 km route that starts and ends in the same place. The terrain along the trail is versatile and varied. Along the trail, there are different types of forests, marshes, glaciated rock as well as diverse water habitats.

The trail starts from the parking area by the Alinenjärvi beach, and it is marked with blue signs. The trail runs partly on the same terrain as the Laajanoja nature trail.

The marshland section of the trail has been equipped with 600 metres of new duckboards, and there are also many bridges that make the trail easier to hike. The last section of the trail runs via a beach, so you can end the trip by taking a dip at the scenic swimming spot, if you wish.

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