Sauna Capital - Visit Tampere

You Can't Get Enough of This!

Tampere – The Sauna Capital of the World – welcomes everybody to its warmth! We have over 20 public saunas in the region for everybody to relax in throughout the year. We especially pamper those who love hot steam and ice-cold water, as our region offers the widest possiblities in Finland to enjoy the addictive combination.

Us Tampereans are known for our authenticity and warmth. The same goes for our sauna culture. In sauna we all are equal – and we have public saunas for every taste.


Public Saunas
Rajaportin sauna in Tampere is the oldest public sauna in Finland still in use

In Tampere, the only problem for sauna enthusiastic is the embarrassment of riches from which to choose. You can choose the soft heat of the oldest public sauna in Finland, as well as the atmospheric warmth of the newest public sauna in Finland – and all in between. Tampere is undoubtedly the Sauna Capital of the World!