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20 Companies, 4 Countries and One Benchmarking Trip to Germany


20 SMEs from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia will take part in a study visit and benchmarking trip to Mecklenburg Lake District in Germany. 


The trip, arranged by Lakesperience project (funded by the EU Interreg Central Baltic), is due to take place on 23-27 September. The journey will kick off with a seminar day, during which representatives of national tourism offices, tour operators and the German Cyclists’ Federation will share expertise about the German tourism market and the psychology of German customers. Special attention will be given to cycling tourism, supporting services and marketing infrastructure. 


The rest of the time will be dedicated to site visits in Mecklenburg Lake District, which offers one of the best infrastructures for cycling tourists. 


An open call for the companies was launched in May 2019. Equipment rental and activity companies, lake cruise companies, small hotels and accommodation companies, farms,  museums and culture services, restaurants, DMCs and others were warmly welcome to apply. The project team selected 5 companies representing each partner region in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia based on the motivation, activity and relevancy of the applicants. 


Companies from Tampere region, Finland: 

  • Vaihmalan Hovi, accommodation and activity services 
  • Luomajärven Hevoskievari, accommodation and activity services 
  • Niemi-Kapeen tila, accommodation and activity services 
  • Hiking Travel, activity and rental services 
  • Laivaosakeyhtiö Intti, lake cruise company 


Companies from Östergötland region, Sweden: 

  • Scandic Hotels Linköping, accommodation services 
  • Vårdnäs Stiftsgård, accommodation and activity services
  • Rimforsa Strand, accommodation and activity services 
  • Rederi AB Kind, lake cruise company 
  • Valö Café & festplats, food services 


Companies from Peipsi region, Estonia: 

  • Kalevipoja Koda, activity and rental services
  • Jääaja Keskus, activity and rental services
  • Slaker OÜ, accommodation and food services 
  • Pajula OÜ, accommodation and rental services 
  • Vudila Mängumaa OÜ, activity services 


Companies from Burtnieku region, Latvia: 

  • “Vidzemes laivas”Ltd, lake cruises and equipment rental 
  • Kempings Ezerpriedes Ltd, accommodation services 
  • Made Marija Cruise Ship
  • Health and recreation Centre Ltd, accommodation services 
  • Rūķīši Ltd, accommodation and rental services 

Your contact at Visit Tampere:

Grigory Kharitidis

Project manager, Lakesperience Project

tel. +358 (0)40 8395424