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Best factory outlets


Factory shops and outlets have at least two big advantages: a wide range of goods, and special prices. Of course, their distinctive charm is a bonus. To the delight of all connoisseurs of truly local stuff, we have chosen five stores to buy the special goods of Tampere.

The shoe store of Kenkäkylä in Nokia is worth visiting, if only to see how stylish wellingtons actually are and how cheap designer shoes can be. Finnish iconic shoe brand of Nokian Jalkineet produces handcrafted rubber footwear in Tampere region since 1898. Finns are used to wearing them in summer rains as well as during the first frost. Recently, the famous Finnish designer Julia Lundsten made a collection of beautiful city footwear for Nokia which has already been appreciated by fashionistas all over the world.

Another legendary Finnish footwear is hand-made wool shoes Aino&Reino. Their famous plaid pattern can be seen as a Finnish answer to Burberry. Under Aino brand they produce women’s footwear and under Reino, the men’s. Together they have survived through Finnish wars, globalization and all the different fashion crazes. Every hour, a hundred pairs of these shoes are sold in Finland. You can’t find a physical store in Tampere anymore, but you can order a pair at Aino&Reino webstore.

The Finlayson textile & interior design store is located fittingly next to the Finlayson factory area where the products were originally created, even though the factory closed its doors over twenty years ago and the buildings are now housing restaurants, museums and a cinema. Finlayson products are branded with the Design from Finland stamp, meaning you’re holding a truly Finnish piece of design. In this store you may find new ideas for your interior, get inspired by extraordinary combinations of colors and materials and, above all, let the ever-renewing Finnish design enter your daily life.

In search for edible goods it is worth checking the shop of the oldest coffee roasting factory of Tampere ― Mokkamestarit ― Paahtimon kauppa. Hundreds of freshly roasted coffee and tea varieties, special offers and everything that you may need to prepare these drinks at home in the “right” manner. The branded coffee and tea mixes are a great souvenir from Tampere!

Another tasty idea for a souvenir is some locally made chocolate. Chocolate factory Dammenberg is situated in the town of Lempäälä, 17 km from Tampere, and it produces more than 800 articles of chocolate, including lactose-free, vegetarian, kosher and halal. The factory has its own chocolate boutique where their chocolate delicacies can be bought at a special price. All Dammenberg goods are handcrafted, and the author of most of recipes is the factory owner himself.


Shoe shop Kenkäkylä

Kyyninkatu 22, 37100 Nokia
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Visittampere Mokkamestarit

Mokkamestarit Coffee Roasters

Mokkamestarit, Verkatehtaankatu, Tampere
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