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Enjoy traditional Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch in Tampere

The traditional Finnish Christmas menu offers for example Christmas ham, selection of fish dishes and different casseroles.



Enjoy the view to the Tammerkoski rapids while having your traditional Christmas lunch with a twist! All dishes are made in the Puisto kitchen from local products. 

Mon – Thu 11 am to 3 pm (Dec 20-23)


Grand Hotel Tammer

Grand Hotel Tammer serves its traditional Christmas lunch as follows:
Wed–Fri 8.–10.12. at 11.30am and 2pm
Mon–Fri 13.–17.12. at 11.30am and 2pm
Mon–Wed 20.–22.12. at 11.30am and 2pm


Restaurant Myllärit

Restaurant Myllärit serves traditional Christmas lunch on weekdays from 7.–22.12. The lunch is served also on Saturday 11.12. and 18.12.


Brewery Restaurant Plevna

Christmas lunch is served at Brewery Restaurant Plevna as follows at 11am–2pm.

Wed–Fri 8.–10.12
Mon–Thu 13.–16.12.
Mon–Wed 20.–22.12.


Restaurant Tiiliholvi

Tiiliholvi serves its delicious and popular Christmas lunch from 29.11. onwards between 11am–2pm.


Tampere Theather

Traditional Christmas lunch will be served in the atmospheric upper hall of the Tampere Theather on 15th, 16th and 17th of December.



Tampere-Hall serves Christmas lunch from Wednesday to Friday 15.–17.12. at 11am-3pm. 


Hopealinjat (Silver Line)

Hopealinjat (Silver Line) offers Christmas lunch at their restaurant boat m/s Silver Sky at Laukontori market square. The Christmas lunch is served  between 18.–21.12 at 11am–4pm. 


Restaurant Henriks

Christmas lunch will be served at Restaurant Henriks on 7.–23.12. from Tuesday to Saturday on weekdays between 11am–3pm and Saturday 12–3pm.


Restaurant Be Calm & Buzz On

Restaurant Be Calm & Buzz On serves traditional Christmas lunch buffet on 14.–16.12. between 11-14.


Restaurant Rosendahl

Restaurant Rosendahl at Hotel Scandic Rosendahl serves Christmas lunch on Wednesday 8.12. and Tuesday–Wednesday 14.–15.12. at 11am–2pm.


Restaurant Periscope

Restaurant Periscope serves a three-course Christmas lunch from November 29 onwards from Monday to Friday at 11-14. 


Ravintola Cotton

Restaurant Cotton at Holiday Club Tampere serves Christmas lunch on 13.–17.12. between 11am–2pm.


Hatanpää Manor

Christmas lunch is served at Hatanpää manor on 16.–17.12. between 11am–3pm.


Grill It! -Paja Tampere

Grill It! at Sokos Hotel Torni serves buffet style Christmas lunch on Christmas eve 24.12. between 3pm–9pm.


Tyrvään Pappila, Sastamala

Christmas lunch is served on 13.–22.12. from Monday to Friday at 11am–3pm.


Vaihmalan Hovi, Lempäälä

A traditional Christmas lunch at Vaihmalan Hovi will be served from 13 to 23 December on weekdays from 11 am to 2 pm, on Sunday 19.12. from 12 to 4pm.


Villa Hakkari, Lempäälä

Villa Hakkari serves Christmas lunch between 11.–22.12.


Café Wanhat Autot (Old Cars), Kangasala

The Christmas table is set on 11.–12.12. and 16.–17.12. between 11am–2pm.


Restaurant Gösta, Mänttä

Restaurant Gösta at Serlachius museums serves Christmas lunch on 14.–23.12. on weekdays between 11am-3pm.


The Luomajärvi Horse Inn, Ikaalinen

The restaurant at Luomajärvi Horse Inn serves Christmas lunch on Christmas eve 24.12. between 1pm-5pm.


Koivulahden Rapukartano, Mänttä

Traditional Christmas lunch will be set at Koivulahden Rapukartano on 3.–22.12. between 11.30am-2pm.


Honkahovi, Honkajoki

Honkahovi serves Christmas lunch on Wednesday 15.12. between 11am-3pm, and dinner on Thursday 16.12. between 3pm-7pm.


Check the menus, opening hours and other information from the restaurants! Table reservation is also recommended.


Updated: 29.11.2021