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Editorial content

We carefully select what we write about according to the following editorial policy.


According to us Finns, Tampere is the most loved residential and tourism city in Finland. It is a way of life that takes you along. The secret of Tampere is its originality. Tampere is a functional entity in a compact size.

Thousands of congress delegates and over one million travelers visit Tampere every year. By browsing this website you will get to know Tampere and its surroundings.

Strategic themes

On we focus on contect that fits into one or several of our  strategic themes: Sauna Capital, City & Culture, Eat & Drink, Nature and Family Fun. In addition, we introduce the accommodation options in Tampere and the region. The site also has a separate section for travel, event and congress professionals. Recommendations and top listings of events, attractions and venues representing the themes form the core content of the site.

1. City & Culture

Tampere is #1 travel destination for Finns in their home country. Tampere has Finland’s biggest amount of concerts compared to the amount of inhabitants. Numerous events, fascinating cultural experiences and soothing lake views to match the relaxed atmosphere makes the city very appealing all year around. The City & Culture category introduces Tampere, the region’s attractions, design and shopping opportunities, museums, theaters, and gives you information about Tampere’s events and city itself.

2. Eat & Drink

The food culture of Tampere is versatile and highly valued. The best way to get to know the city is to head to one of the attractive restaurants, idyllic cafés or relaxed pubs and breweries of Tampere.

3. Nature

In Tampere Region there are more than 2000 lakes, two national parks, thousands of cottages, and forests full of berries and mushrooms only a short walk away from the city center. Tampere is also the Sauna Capital of the World. In the Nature category, we suggest ways to spend time hiking, enjoying the lake nature, relaxing in sauna or admiring the urban nature.

4. Family Fun

Tampere is a fun place for families with children. In Tampere we have the most versatile adventure park in Finland, Särkänniemi, and the only Moomin Museum in the world, where you can admire all year round Tove Jansson’s original Moomin drawings. Spas, petting zoos, children’s events and museums offer everything to do and see all year round.

5. Accomodation

In Tampere you can enjoy your stay over the rooftops of the city or in a cottage enjoying the peace of the nature. Choose an alternative that fits your style from a wide selection of hotels, B&B places, cottages or camping areas and feel like at home!

6. Professionals

Visittampere-fi has a separate section for tourism, event and congress professionals.

Less is more

Visit Tampere Ltd is run on a principle about editorial freedom. This means that what you will find on this website and our other channels is a selection of what we believe to be the very best – and the coolest, oddest or funniest – of the Tampere Region. We base our decisions on personal visits to the locations and events and we pay close attention to reviews in media. In addition, we get constant feedback and ideas directly from the tourists and locals that we take into account.


Our main focus on our channels are the events, culture and interesting places to visit in the city of Tampere. However, we also present locations and events further from the Tamepre Region, if they are unique and interesting from the point of view of a traveler.


On we only cover attractions and events that are accessible and relevant for travelers. Thus events and attractions must be open to public, i.e. we do not cover business or trade events. Events and attractions must be communicated in English as a minimum, in order for non-Finnish speaking visitors to understand. I.e. we do not cover theatre plays, lectures, concerts, guided tours etc., which are implemented in Finnish on our foreign language channels.

Thematic content

We produce a wide selection of maps and brochures for exploring Tampere before the visit and while staying here. We are also active on our social media channels.

Our main focus is on major events, but we also provide information on small events if they are in accordance with our strategic themes and open to the public. We strive to keep the information on our site as up to date as possible but we do not accept any liability for changes such as opening hours, admission fees etc. We recommend checking the details and the latest updates from locations’ own websites or social media channels.

Event Calendar

The event calendar of presents the events of Tampere and the region. The calendar focuses on large and small public events. Event content ranges from sports events to concerts and from family fun to stand-up performances.

The event can be reported to the City of Tampere’s event calendar at, from which it comes as a feed to From the feed, we will select the most interesting events. Please note, that it’s important to add a short description, a photo, the url and the address of the event on the calendar.

Pirkanmaa.Events presents a wide range of hobby and club activities to citizens. We do not bring them to the event calendar.

Non-editorial content: Advertisements

We do not have non-editorial content on our website.