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The Visit Tampere Event Services is always there where the action is. We are involved in bidding for major culture and sports events; we work in partnership with events; keep on top of event trends and offer expert services to you.

We aim to make Tampere the best place on earth for all kinds of events. If you have a great idea, a solid concept or an existing event, we will offer you advice and support.

Visit Tampere Event Services

We will help you, free of charge,
  • Find the right venue
  • Fill out all relevant permits and applications
  • Use effective and affordable marketing channels
  • Organize a clean and safe event
  • Plan your budget and gain a wide audience
  • Have a great event!

Perttu Pesä

Chief Operating Officer

Contact me for major events and event bidding.

Marko “Stenari” Stenström

Senior Specialist

Contact me for cooperation with the authorities, and event infrastructure questions.

Heidi Korkeamäki


Contact me for event visibility, event contracts, major event bidding materials, and whenever you don’t know who else to ask an event-related question.

Matilda Salminen

Event producer

On maternity leave

* * *
I’m in charge of Visit Tampere event productions. I collaborate with event organizers and influence in various city development projects. I coordinate the Tampere Deck and Arena project’s Visit Centre activities.