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Get inspired by Tampere, Finland!

You found it, the hidden gem of Finland! Plan your visit to Tampere and its region and find yourself a new perspective in the most loved city of Finland.

Tampere is unique

Numerous events, fascinating cultural experiences and soothing lake views to match the relaxed atmosphere makes the city very appealing all year round. Dive into the beat of Tampere with us!

See and do

Tampere is known for its stunning views, public saunas, quirky museums and family fun. Here are some tips to help you make the best of your trip to Tampere!

Think Sustainably

Sustainable choices


Tampere is known as the city of events, where people can enjoy music, theatre and museums.
From our event calendar you will always find interesting things to do, to see and to experience in the Tampere Region.

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Like a local!

Get to know the locals favorite places in Tampere! Live like a local in Finns’ favorite city.

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Amazing capture of Tammerkoski rapids, by 📷 @jadi.jade 🤩

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Happy Manse Pride Week!🏳️‍🌈

During the week, a variety of activities and events will take place all around the city. 🙌 The week culminates in the Manse Pride march and main celebration in Sorsapuisto on Saturday, June 15th! Expect joy, celebration, culture, and a sense of community. 🌈

Read more about LGBTQ travel in Tampere and check out our event highlights for Manse Pride week from our stories!

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Events in Tampere region this summer 🤩☀️



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🖼️ Mänttä Art Festival @kuvataideviikot

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🎸 @tammerfest

🥏 @opendiscgolf

🏀 @eurobasket

🎾 @finlandpremierpadel

🎤 @tapsantahdit_official

🎸 @saarihelvetti

🎭 @tamperetheatrefestival

🎶 @blockfest

Find more events:

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Soul of Sauna week has started! (See our highlight!)

This was a perfect opportunity to interview Juha Kumara, who has always loved sauna. For him, it is a place to find peace and be in tune with his inner self.

About five years ago, Juha and his friend Matti Kemi cycled over 700 kilometers around Finland, exploring different saunas and meeting interesting people. This journey led to a podcast and the founding of their company, @saunakonkeli , a name that combines their beloved mode of transportation, the bicycle.

Today, he shares his top 5 sauna tips with you:

♨️1. Sauna Temple @saunatemppeli and @rauhaniemi

One of Tampere’s most popular public saunas, Rauhaniemi Folk Spa, has been in operation since 1929. In 2023, Juha, Matti, and Topias Elonkehrä from Saunatemppeli Oy opened the third sauna in the area, Sauna Temple.

♨️ 2. Veittijärvi Sauna @veittijarvensauna

“Veittijärvi Sauna in Ylöjärvi offers a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a bit like a countryside sauna close to the city.“

♨️3. Niemi-Kapee Smoke Sauna 📍@niemikapeentila

“It was built in the style of 19th-century saunas. What makes it special is that it is constructed from storm-fallen trees, without cutting down a single tree. The steam, löyly, in Raine’s smoke sauna is wonderfully rich and delicious.”

♨️4. @tahmelanhuvila and @rajaportinsauna

“Many are surely familiar with Rajaportti Sauna, which is heated with skill and care. However, fewer have discovered the nearby sauna in Tahmela’s Villa”

♨️5. Making a Sauna Whisk

“If you have the opportunity to make a sauna whisk, it’s worth starting to think about the optimal whisk tree at the beginning of summer. Be bold and try also other types of trees besides birch! For example, rowan makes a gentle whisk for early summer.”

Read the whole interview 👉

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