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Cute bunnies and sweet kittens – in Tampere you can enjoy a cup of coffee in some fluffy company!


Cat café Purnauskis

In Tampere, you can also enjoy a drink in a company of cats. Cat café Purnauskis is the first of its kind in Finland. There are five to ten cats living in the café premises, former residents of the local animal shelters. The founders of the café are true cat people in spirit and blood. You can scan through animal shelter cats in the café, in case you would be interested in getting a roommate.

While stroking the cats you can also enjoy a meal, freshly baked pastries, a glass of wine or many different types of tea and coffee. Purnauskis even serves an ethical version of the world’s tastiest and most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak, one that has been digested by a civet cat. In addition to the purring cats, there is also cat art, cat literature and cat-themed events available at Purnauskis.

You are also welcomed to spend a night in the kingdom of cats!


Bunny Café /3D Crush Café 

Bunny Café/3D Crush Café is the first 3D printout café in Finland. In this café, customers can use comfortable pillows when sitting on the floor and look what the bunnies are doing. You can also purchase treats for the bunnies. Besides of 3D printing, the café also provides 3D scanning, 3D modeling and normal printout. The café is specialized in desserts.