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a heaven of relaxation

Imagine this: sitting or lying down in soothing warmth and peace that envelops your entire body, listening to the hissing noise as water is thrown on the stones, elevating the temperature and effortlessly melting away stress. Inhale the pleasant, earthy, and woodsy aroma emanating from the sauna’s wooden structure.

Step out into the fresh air, take a refreshing dip in the cool lake, and silently enjoy the breathtaking views with sounds from the nature. Sip a drink and let the entire experience refresh you. Repeat this cycle, relishing the exquisite feeling of temperature variation. Afterward, discover a new sense of peace within yourself.

This is the essence of a Finnish sauna in Tampere – a serene retreat that transcends mere relaxation.

to the Sauna Capital of the World!

In the region, nearly 60 public saunas heat up year-round!

Tampere has been the Sauna Capital of the World since 2018. The title is earned through the region’s high-quality saunas and having the most public saunas in the whole of Finland. Additionally, Finland’s oldest still-operating public sauna can be found in Tampere. The Sauna Capital status was endorsed by the International Sauna Association and the Finnish Sauna Society.

You will find various sauna experiences in the region – explore and find your own favorite!

Find your own sauna experience in Tampere & region →

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Public saunas in Tampere & the region


Private saunas & sauna experiences in Tampere & the region

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