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Visit Tampere and its stakeholders evaluated and clarified the current phenomena and strategic goals of the current strategy in 2022.


  • Utilising artificial intelligence
  • Developing virtual experience economy
  • Shortage of professionals
  • Rapid changes in the operating environment
  • Green and digital transition
  • Growth of experience economy

Strategic goals

  1. Increasing the share of tourism income in regional economy to EUR 600 million
  2. Customer experience that exceeds expectations
  3. Smooth and attractive digital customer path
  4. Carbon-neutral tourism and events sector to promote the goals of the Carbon Neutral Tampere Region 2030
  5. Increasing the attractiveness of the tourism and events sector
  6. Desirable and valued partner

Read about the assessment and follow-up of the strategy in pdf format

Read the whole tourism strategy

Tampere Region’s tourism strategy, “Sustainable Steps”, has been planned in horizontal co-operation with participating personnel, the boards of the company and our parent company Business Tampere, partner companies and stakeholders. The starting point was to turn the operating guidelines of Visit Tampere’s first year of operations — 2017 — into a common vision and development strategy. In total, over 260 people participated in the process.

Tampere Region Tourism Strategy_ Visit Tampere_Follow-up and assessment of the tourism strategy 2022-2025