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Tampere Photo Bank

Tampere Photo Bank at is powered by Visit Tampere Ltd. The photos can be used in marketing the Tampere Region. Register on Tampere Photo Bank by filling the form below. You’ll receive futher instructions at your e-mail.

By registering for the Tampere photo bank, you’ll accept the following terms

  • The photos can be used in marketing Tampere and the Tampere Region.
  • The photos should be used in accordance with good practice, and should not be used for context-free or political/religious purposes.
  • The name of the photographer must be mentioned.
  • The source of the photos (=Visit Tampere, Business Tampere or Tampereen Kaupunki) must be mentioned.
  • When sharing the photos on social media, the name of the photographer must be mentioned and #visittampere #businesstampere or #tampereenkaupunki hashtag must be used.
  • The photos are not to be used in commercial purposes. Commercial use of photos should be agreed separately with photographers. Unauthorized use of photos for commercial purposes may lead to legal action.
Kuvapankki rekisteröityminen

Some of the photos were purchased by the Culture Tampere Region Project coordinated by Tampere Region Festivals. The project was funded by European Regional Development Fund.

Maps and Brochures

Visit Tampere produces various maps that you can download as a pdf, or print out. You can pick up the maps at Tampere Market Hall in front of Pullapuoti Wilenius  (Hämeenkatu 19, see on map>)

If need larger amount of the maps, please contact us at visittampere (at)

Be sure to ask for other maps and brochures as well!


Visit Tampere Tourist map in English, German, Russian and Finnish

Visit Tampere Tourist Map 2020

Visit Tampere recommends- map in German 2018

Visit Tampere recommends- map in Russian 2018

Visit Tampere Matkailijan kartta map in Finnish 2020


Map of Tampere

Map of Tampere 2019


Tampere Museum 2020 Brochure