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Here you find the Visit Tampere maps that you can download on your mobile phone as a pdf, or print out. You can also order these maps from Visit Tampere Tourist Information. Be sure to ask for other maps and brochures as well!


Visit Tampere recommends

Here’s all you need for your visit to Tampere! Find the best spots for eating, enjoying coffee, shopping as well as museum hunting, and much more. Turn the map around to find tips to visit the region, and activities you can do at different times of year.

Click a language for the PDF: English (2019), Finnish (2019), German (2018), Russian (2018)


Fun for Kids in Tampere (2016)

The first map of Tampere dedicated solely to kids and their families! Fun for Kids includes a hand-drawn map of the city centre with a lot of fun and colourful details. Some of the places are missing colour though – maybe the younger readers of the map can help out to complete it! The map will also lead you to the most interesting places to visit on your trip to Tampere.

The map will point you to the city’s most important sights as well as restaurants loved by families. Activity-seeking madcaps and water-loving swimmers will also find their favourites on the map. If you feel like taking a ride outside of Tampere, just pick a direction from the region map full of family destinations!

NB! The map is printed 2016 and some of the information is old.

Click a language for the PDF: English, Finnish, Russian

Mukavaa Muksuille kartta


Map of Tampere 2019

Map of the city centre with hotels, museums, theatres, attractions and car parks.


Tampere City Guide (2018)

City-opas, or City Guide, provides a handy, printable A4-sized map to the city centre. Restaurants, attractions and accommodation are listed in Finnish and English on the backside. The mobile app and the paper version also feature the region. This is a really helpful map to have if you’re driving outside of Tampere! Read more about the mobile app.

City centre map in Finnish and English

City-opas banneri

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