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1. The wildest of the wild

Locals’ all time favourite is probably Tornado, but do you dare go on Finland’s highest rollercoaster Hype? Or X that takes you upside down a dozen times? Or try Särkänniemi’s newest and tallest ride, BOOM, that will take you up to 68 meters! After all panic sweating, get refreshed by the splashes of the Log River.

2. Särkänniemi Doghill

A memorable experience at Doghill will be admiring the performances of the pig actresses, Maisa and Pipsa.

3. Piggy Train

Aboard the nostalgic piggy train every toddler can enjoy the first ride of their lives.

4. Aquarium

The only school of piranhas in Tampere dwells in the Aquarium, where you can also watch the piranhas eat in the feeding shows year round.

5. Creepy Carnival

Creepy Carnival provides joy and thrills during autumn holidays! Experience Särkänniemi’s rides in glorious atmospheric lighting as darkness falls.

6. Christmas at the amusement park

The atmospheric Doghill Christmas offers you the experience of a genuine traditional Christmas.

7. Yummy time

Summer, Särkänniemi and cotton candy as the sugar on the top. A perfect fun park day with all the spices.

8. Games

Instead of apps and video games, you get to have a go at the nostalgic amusement park games.

9. Von Guggelböö

One of the most atmospheric cafés can be found at Doghill. Café von Guggelböö is full of lovely details and the cake counter is filled with delicacies – anything between barky buns to traditional Finnish pastries.

10. Näsinneula observation tower

When you take the lift up to the top of Näsinneula, you can admire the scenery from the second tallest observation tower in the Nordic countries.