Silverline's summer season 2019 - Visit Tampere

Silverline’s summer season 2019


When the lake cruise season takes over the beautiful lakes of Tampere, the Finnish Silverline’s ships are ready for the summer season! The new m/s Silver Sky offers daytime and evening cruises, and starting from June you can also take the Poet’s Way cruise and visit the Viikinsaari island. You can also visit the historical Laukko Mansion by boat!

For more information please contact at Silverline’s customer service, tel. +358 10 422 5600, e-mail or you can check the updated timetables at Silverline’s event calendar.


Waterways to Hämeenlinna on Tuesdays 25.6.–8.8.2019

On summer Tuesdays, it is possible to hop aboard the Silverline’s m/s Silver Moon and travel the waterways to Hämeenlinna. You can spend the whole day enjoying the beautiful green scenery of the lakes Pyhäjärvi and Vanajavesi, and the tasty offering of the boat’s restaurant. After having lunch, you can also get off the boat in Lempäälä or Vaihmalan Hovi hotel. At half way, the passengers can spend some time in the renowned Finnish sculptor Emil Wikström’s studio and Kari’s pavilion of cartoonist Kari Suomalainen in Visavuori.
The timetables for Tampere-Hämeenlinna route can be found in here.


Steam boat Tarjanne and the Poet’s Way 5.6.-17.8.2019

The Poet’s Way steams off on Näsijärvi lake when the steam boat Tarjanne takes the passengers on a journey to the past. Tarjanne’s charm still works even after over a hundred years. The famous sound of Tarjanne steam whistle starts the journey through the unique sceneries of the lake Näsijärvi towards Ruovesi and Virrat. Tarjanne sails every Wednesday and Friday 5.6.-17.8. at 10 am from Mustalahti harbour.
More information on the cruises and timetables in here.


Viikinsaari – an oasis in the city

Viikinsaari island is open again 28.5.-18.8.2019.

Spend an unforgettable evening or a stress-free day at Viikinsaari. The boat trip from downtown Tampere will take you to a totally different setting and feeling, to a peaceful beach or to the swilrs of waltz at the island’s dance pavilion.

In addition to the dances at the pavilion, Viikinsaari island’s summer includes lots of live music, nature activities, summer theatre and themed happenings for kids and adults. The beautiful nature offers experiences for everyone, and the swimming beaches, playgrounds and the nature track around the island complete the perfect summer day. You can even bring your own sausages to cook on the barbecue spots, unless you’d prefer to enjoy a meal at the island’s Restaurant Viikinsaari.
Check the timetables to Viikinsaari in here.


Sunday cruises to Laukko mansion 9.6.–7.7.2019

In the summer, Silverline’s m/s Tammerkoski takes the cruisers to the renovated, beautiful mansion of Laukko! In Laukko, the visitors can enjoy the historical manor house milieu as well as exhibitions and services, and you can also make unique finds at the Lady of the Manor’s shop. The Silverline cruise starts at 10:30 am and returns to the harbour around 6 pm. What would be a better way to spend a lovely summerday? Experience the great cruise surrounded by beautiful sceneries, enjoy the sun on the deck, get to know the historical mansion and taste the lovely offerings of the restaurants on the boat and in the mansion.
For more information about the cruise and the timetables go to Silverline’s website.


The cruises of the new m/s Silver Sky

Silverline’s newest and finest boat, m/s Silver Sky, cruises from Laukontori harbour starting from May!

Silver Sky takes you to the waves of Pyhäjärvi lake to enjoy daytime, after work and evening cruises to the lovely lake sceneries of Tampere and surroundings. While savouring the offerings of the buffet table, the passengers can rest their eyes looking for example onto Pispala residential area and the Pyynikinharju ridge. The cruises are easy to combine with a visit to Viikinsaari island or the Pyynikki summer theatre.

NB! No cruises from Laukontori harbour on m/s Silver Sky during 2.-3.8.!

City lunch on the lake 
The daytime cruise of m/s Silver Sky starts from the Laukontori harbour just in time for lunch, at 11:30 pm. During the 2-hour summery cruise you can enjoy the chef’s delicious buffet while looking at the changing scenery. You can also join the cruise just to enjoy the lake views, without a lunch on the boat.

Daytime cruise at 11:30-13:30
Cruise 20 €/adult, 12 €/child 3-12 yrs
Cruise and lunch 40 €/adult, 22 € child 3-12 yrs
Check out the timetables here.

Afternoon cruises 
Summer has traditionally good days for some culture or shopping tours in town, and the best way to finish such a day, is to jump on board m/s Silver Sky and enjoy an afternoon cruise, maybe even with some buffet delicacies. Departure at the Laukontori harbour at 15:30 followed by a cruise of 2 hours exploring the sceneries of Pispala and Pirkkala.

Afternoon cruise at 15:30-17:30
Cruise 20 €/adult, 12 €/child 3-12 yrs
Cruise and buffet 40 €/adult, 22 €/child 3-12 yrs
Check out the timetables here.

Summernight feeling 
Evening cruise at 19-22, check out the timetables here.
Cruise 25 €/adult, 15 €/child 3-12 yrs
Dinner 28 €/adult, 14 €/child 3-12 yrs

Sotkanvirta Cruise on Saturdays 
Let the summer Saturday take you to the lake, under the bridges of Rajasalmi all the way to Nokia, to experience the narrow passages of Sotkanvirta. Buy the tickets here.

Day cruise at 13:00-17:00
Cruise 30 €/adult, 18 €/child 3-12 yrs
Cruise and buffet 50 €/adult, 28 €/child 3-12 yrs


Bike & Boat

Bike and Boat -ticket combines your biking trip with a cruise on the Lake Pyhäjärvi or Näsijärvi. Price 10 € + cruise ticket. Read more from here.


There are also many special cruises and lots of other programme, check the Finnish Silverline website for more information!



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