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Waterways to Hämeenlinna

On summer Tuesdays, it is possible to hop onboard Hopealinja’s m/s Silver Star from Laukontori and travel the waterways to Hämeenlinna. You can spend the whole day enjoying the beautiful green scenery of the lakes Pyhäjärvi and Vanajavesi, and the tasty offering of the boat’s restaurant. After lunch you can also get off the boat in Lempäälä or Toijala. Halfway through the journey, there will be a stop at Visavuori where there is enough time to explore the home and studio of renowned Finnish sculptor Emil Wikström and perhaps take a break in the museum café.

The Tampere-Visavuori-Hämeenlinna route operates on Tuesdays between June 13 and August 1, 2023. You can check the schedule from here.

Steam boat Tarjanne and the Poet’s Way

The Poet’s Way steams off on the lake Näsijärvi when the steam boat Tarjanne takes the passengers on a journey to the past. Tarjanne’s charm still works after 113 years. The famous sound of the Tarjanne steam whistle starts the journey through the unique sceneries of Näsijärvi towards Ruovesi and Virrat. This route has inspired many Finnish artists, and no wonder why!

Tarjanne sails from the Mustalahti harbour to Virrat on Wednesdays and Fridays between June 7th and August 18th, 2023. More information and schedule can be found from here.

Viikinsaari – an oasis in the city

Spend an unforgettable evening or a relaxing day on Viikinsaari Island. The boat trip from the Laukontori Harbour in downtown Tampere will take you to a totally different setting and atmosphere. You can relax on the beach or whirl around the dance floor in Finnish waltz at the island’s dance pavilion. Hopealinjat operates regular service from Laukontori to Viikinsaari Island between May 12th and August 27th, 2023. You can find the schedule here.

Viikinsaari Island’s summer includes outdoor activities, summer theatre and themed events for kids and adults. Beautiful nature offers experiences for everyone, and the beaches, playgrounds and the nature track around the island complete the perfect summer day. There is also a sauna, which can either be rented for private use or attended during public sauna sessions on Sundays and some Thursdays during the summer. Various events are also held on Viikinsaari Island during the summer. For example, experience the traditional Viikinsaari Midsummer and the Summer Vibes wellness festival!

If you are feeling hungry, you can bring your own sausages to cook on the island’s barbecue spots, unless you’d prefer a meal at the island’s Restaurant Viikinsaari. The beautiful restaurant hall and separate glass porch offer delicious menus and refreshing drinks. All restaurant facilities are licensed for alcohol service.

Day and evening cruises on m/s Silver Sky

See the beautiful lake Pyhäjärvi during the 2-hour-cruise on Silver Sky! You can have lunch, dinner, and drinks onboard or just spend some time on the lake.

Onboard the Silver Sky, you can enjoy day, afternoon, and evening cruises on the waves of Lake Pyhäjärvi several days a week, while admiring the beautiful scenery of Tampere’s nearby waters. While indulging in the delicious buffet, the passengers can rest their eyes looking for example at the Pispala district and the Pyynikinharju ridge. The cruises are easy to combine with the shows at Viikinsaari Summer Theater and Pyynikki Summer Theatre.

The daytime cruises on m/s Silver Sky are available between May 17 and August 31, 2023, and the evening cruises between May 18 and September 2, 2023.

Experience music concerts in Laukko by boat

On board the Hopealinjat, you can also cruise to Laukko Manor during the summer, where delightful park concerts and gigs are organized in the magnificent surroundings of the manor. In the summer of 2023, there will be a total of 22 concerts featuring a diverse range of musical styles from pop-rock to jazz and classical music. Don’t forget to also visit the art exhibitions at Laukko Manor!

The ship operates from June 16th to August 19th on concert days, departing from Laukontori in Tampere at 3 PM. The ship arrives at Laukko at 5 PM, the concert starts at 6 PM, and the return journey to Tampere is at 8:30 PM. On the ship, you can also enjoy delicious food, as there is a generous buffet available on the outbound journey and some savory snacks on the return journey.

Bike & Boat

Bike and Boat -ticket combines your biking trip with a cruise on the Lake Näsijärvi. The ticket includes a ticket for your bike and a snack for you! Bike & Boat is a part of Lake Trails cycling routes.

There are also special cruises and plenty of other activities available. You can find more detailed information on the Hopealinjat website. Please make sure to check the confirmed cruises from their event calendar/online store or contact Hopealinjat customer service for verification.