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For romantic evenings

Restaurant Myllärit offers romantic atmosphere and Scandinavian flavors in an old, more than 100-year-old mill near Tullintori shopping centre.

Restaurant Tiiliholvi, located in the basement of the Old Student House in the Kauppakatu street, cherishes traditions but is strongly involved in the change in food and wine culture. The guiding idea is to produce experiences in the middle of everyday life.

Restaurant Aisti is located in the corner of the TTT-Theatre. The restaurant serves tasty food both for theatre-goers and lovers of tasty food. The food philosophy of Aisti emphasizes locally produced, clean and fresh ingredients of the season.

Restaurant Heinätori is an atmospheric restaurant in an old hay-weighing building at Pyynikintori square. The menu includes seasonal, locally produced food. The milieu and friendly service guarantee a successful evening!

Ravinteli Haarla located in the backyard of Haarla palace, is a restaurant in Tampere, where top quality and a warm atmosphere meet the joy of delivering an excellent service.

Spectacular views and great food

Restaurant Periscope, located on the top floor of Shopping Centre Ratina, serves great food with amazing views. Periscope’s artisan food is made with strong experience and big heart. Social dining culture is also present here.

Restaurant Näsinneula is one of the most romantic restaurants in Tampere. The specialty of this restaurant, in addition to the great local food, is the changing scenery. This revolving restaurant is on top of the Näsinneula observation tower, and one full round takes 45 minutes.

Restaurant Tampella is a restaurant in a fabulous setting of an old textile factory next to the Tammerkoski rapids. The menu is inspired by the seasons and includes classic Finnish dishes, too.

For those looking for something special

Ravinteli Bertha is easy to reach, as it is near the railway station. The restaurant concentrates on authentic flavours and fresh ingredients that will guarantee your date will not be boring, at least when it comes to food!

Restaurant Kajo is a small and atmospheric restaurant, where all dishes are inspired by nature and meant to be shared with your companion. The ambience of the restaurant is amazing, and the stories and hospitality of the owners is an extra something to the whole entity.

Villit & Viinit is an experimental-minded bar located in the heart of Tampere. The selection of nature-inspired drinks, playful wines, and an exciting food menu undergo constant changes to showcase the finest offerings of each season.

Restaurant Huber is a perfect restaurant for meat lovers. The idea of Huber is to share food and experience social eating in a Mediterranean style.

Champagne Bar Santé is for you if you’re not feeling too hungry, but would still like to sophisticatedly or casually enjoy some champagne and snacks. The list offers champagne, bubbly, white and red wines as well as light refreshments.

Restaurant Nonni does not embody any particular geographical or culinary concept. It stands proudly as a casual and adventurous restaurant in Tammela, Tampere. The essence of curiosity, creativity, and an open-minded approach creates a charming, flexible, and unpretentious dining experience.

For relaxed atmosphere

Restaurant Muusa is a relaxed and trendy restaurant located in the Olympia quarter, in the heart of Tampere. The kitchen combines the spirit of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine to meet clean and local produce. There are also a lot of options for vegetarians.

Restaurant Puisto offers delicious food topped off with a great view to the Tammerkoski rapids right along the main street. This is a good place for a dinner or lunch date!

The Brewery Restaurant Plevna, located in the historic Finlayson Area, offers a sneak peek into Tampere’s brewery culture. At Plevna, you can savor a diverse selection of pure, flavorful beers from the brewery, paired with delicious food, all within a unique and charming setting.

Kumma Bar & Street Kitchen, located in the city center, is a gastroclub that seamlessly blends global street kitchens, cocktail bars, and microbreweries. The establishment boasts a distinctive urban ambiance, offering a cozy living room-like feel with eccentric decor and an artistic atmosphere.