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Atmospheric restaurants


Tampere has a wide range of restaurants for atmospheric moments. The selection includes casual, romantic, personal, sophisticated and everything in between. Scroll down for more information about the restaurants.


For relaxed atmosphere

Restaurant Muusa  is a relaxed and trendy restaurant located in the heart of Tampere in Olympia-kortteli. The kitchen combines the spirit of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine to meet clean and local produce. There are also a lot of options for vegetarians.

Restaurant Puisto offers delicious food topped off with a great view to the Tammerkoski rapids right along the main street. This is a good place for a dinner or lunch date!

Restaurant Plate is open for everyone who loves good food and great company. Different type of flavours are highlighted in the versatile menu.

Restaurant Astor is proud of their kitchen, where the chef’s professionalism and fresh ingredients are appreciated. A relaxed and uncomplicated atmosphere has been offered since 1993, and on weekends you can even enjoy live piano music.


For romantic evenings

Hella & Huone is a small and personal restaurant for fine dining, serving a menu of French cuisine. This restaurant has also been nationally praised and has definitely earned its place as one of the locals’ favourites! The restaurant will open in new premises on Aleksanterinkatu in summer 2020.

Restaurant Myllärit offers a romantic atmosphere and Scandinavian flavors in an old, more than 100-year-old mill building near Tullintori shopping centre.

Restaurant Tiiliholvi is one of the most romantic restaurants in its atmosphere. Tiiliholvi, located in the basement of the Old Student House on Kauppakatu street, cherishes traditions but is strongly involved in the change in food and wine culture. The guiding idea is to produce “Experiences in the middle of everyday life”.

Restaurant Aisti is located on the corner of The TTT-Theatre. The restaurant serves tasty food with uncomplicated service, both for theatre-goers and for all lovers of tasty food. The food philosophy of Aisti emphasizes locally produced, clean and fresh ingredients of the season.

Restaurant Heinätori is an atmospheric restaurant in an old hay-weighing building at Pyynikintori square. The list is everything you hope for and the fancy milieu and friendly service guarantee a successful evening!


Spectacular views and great food

Restaurant Periscope, located on the top floor of Shopping Centre Ratina, serves great food with amazing views. Periscope offers artisan food made with strong experience and big heart. The social dining culture is also present here.

Restaurant Näsinneula is one of the most romantic restaurant’s in Tampere. The specialty of this restaurant, on top of great local food, is the changing scenery. This revolving restaurant is situated on top of the Näsinneula observation tower and one full round takes 45 minutes.

Restaurant Tampella is a restaurant situated next to Tammerkoski rapids in old textile mill, where you can enjoy food made from fresh ingredients in fabulous settings. The menu is inspired by the world and old traditions.


For those looking for something fancier

Restaurant C is also a great spot for a romantic evening out. It’s a cozy and relaxed restaurant with respect for good wine and food, and excellent service.

Ravinteli Bertha is set in a historical building nearby the railway station. The restaurant concentrates on authentic flavours and fresh ingredients that will guarantee your date will not be boring, at least when it comes to food!

Restaurant Kajo is a small and atmospheric restaurant, where all dishes are inspired by the nature and meant to be shared with your companion. The ambience of the restaurant is amazing and the stories and hospitality of the owners is an extra to the whole entity.

Restaurant Huber is a perfect restaurant for all the meat lovers. The idea of Huber is to share food and experience social eating in a Mediterranean style.

Champagne Bar Santé is for you if you’re not feeling too hungry, but would still like to sophisticatedly or casually enjoy some champagne and snacks. The list offers champagne, bubbly, white and red wines as well as light refreshments. 


Visit Tampere Eating Tapas In Champagne Bar Santé Laura Vanzo

Champagne Bar Santé

Hatanpään valtatie 2, 33100 Tampere
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Vuolteenkatu 1, Tampere
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Ravinteli Bertha

Rautatienkatu 14, 33100 Tampere
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Visit Tampere Aisti Laura Vanzo 5

Restaurant Aisti

Hallituskatu 19, Tampere
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Restaurant Astor

Aleksis Kiven katu 26, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Dessert In Ravintola C Restaurant Fine Food Gastronomy Laura Vanzo

Restaurant C

Verkatehtaankatu 14, 33100 Tampere
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Visittampere Ravintola Heinatori

Restaurant Heinätori

Heinätori 2, 33230 Tampere
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Visittampere Ravintola Hella & Huone

Restaurant Hella & Huone

Aleksanterinkatu 31, Tampere
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Visit Tampere_People toasting at Restarurant Huber_Laura Vanzo

Restaurant Huber

Aleksis Kiven katu 13, 33200 Tampere
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Visit Tampere Kajo Laura Vanzo 2

Restaurant Kajo

Rautatienkatu 12, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Olympia Kortteli Muusa Restaurant Laura Vanzo 23

Restaurant Muusa

Satakunnankatu 10, 33100 Tampere
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Visit Tampere Ravintola Myllärit Restaurant Laura Vanzo 23

Restaurant Myllärit

Åkerlundinkatu 4, 33100 Tampere
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Visit Tampere Ravintola Näsinneula Restaurant Dinner Laura Vanzo 26

Restaurant Näsinneula

Laiturikatu 1 33230 Tampere
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Ravintola_Plate Sisäkuva

Restaurant Plate

Hämeenkatu 7, Tampere
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Restaurant Puisto

Hämeenkatu 14a, 33100 Tampere
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Visittampere Ravintola Tampella

Restaurant Tampella

Kelloportinkatu 1, Tampere
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Restaurant Tiiliholvi

Kauppakatu 10, 33210 Tampere
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