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The Rönnvik family has run the 19th century Rönnvik farm for generations.

Rönnvik is a family business with a long and nuanced history. The history of Finnish farm wines starts at the beginning of January 1995 when Finland becomes a member of the EU. The farm wines were popular at the time. The Hermann winery in Ilomantsi, Rönnvik in Pälkäne and the Alahovi winery in Kuopio were known throughout Finland.

Currently the vineyard is eager to create new and even better products and services. An example of our continuous development work is the brewery which started to operate in Rönnvik in the spring of 2014. In 2019, soft carbonated beverages were launched alongside wines, and in 2021, a completely renovated bistro and stable boutique were opened.

In addition to the vineyard and diverse tourism activities, Rönnvik is a modern and developing farm whose main production is poultry farming.

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