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Tampere flea markets


Here are our tips for flea market hunting in Tampere and nearby!


Kodin kakkonen is Tampere’s largest flea market – you cannot leave empty-handed. While walking around its space of 1,000 sq m you get to see what type of things surround the Tampereans in their daily life, and possibly become their new owner. This is a good spot to e.g. look for Finnish china like Iittala and Pentik for a competitive price.


Fida Lähetystori has clothes and accessories but you will also find furniture, dishware, interior design items, and sometimes musical instruments: pianos, synthesizers and guitars. Profits are used to help people in need around the world.


Bonus kirppis mostly features clothes and different household items. Even the most stylish townswomen do not consider it shameful to buy a dress at this market. Vinyls, stamps and badges are waiting for their connoisseurs and collectors. You may think the purchases over while drinking a cup of coffee.


Kyttälän kirppis in the heart of Tampere attracts visitors with its shop-window filled with rows of beautiful dishware. When entering the store to look at it, you risk also taking away a retro coffee-grinder, a new handbag or, for instance, a tablecloth made by Marimekko. A long shelf of comics from different years will enchant the collectors.


Radiokirppis brought the flea market culture to Tampere and has been running at the same place, in the centre of Tampere, for almost twenty years. About 200 self-service tables guarantee great deals and afterwards you can admire your findings while having a cup of coffee.


Tarina flea market is a self-service flea market at Laukontori market place. This cozy, two-storey flea market serves also coffee with nice views to the harbour.


Kirpparilla.fi flea market in Kaleva region of Tampere has over 300 tables full of exciting bargains! Their premises are spacious and tidy and you can easily go there by using public transportation. They also provide free parking lot for the customers using their own car.


Kirpputori Silinteri flea market is situated in Prisma Koivistonkylä and they have over 1000 sq m space full of treasures. Kirpputori Silinteri’s speacialty is their wide range of used furniture.


Red Cross Finland’s Kontti is a Second Hand Department Store located in Lielahti area. They sell donated clothes, household items and furniture. The proceeds of Kontti are used for the relief work of the Finnish Red Cross in Finland and abroad.


Jonnan kirppis flea market is also located in Lielahti area. Jonnan kirppis is a perfect place for everyone looking for children’s clothing or women’s fashion.


Pirkan kirpputorikeskus is a flea market located in Kangasala next to Prisma Lentola. Pirkan kirpputorikeskus is the largest flea market in Pirkanmaa region. From the 300 self-service tables everyone can make great finds. The flea market is open on until 20 pm on weekdays.


Klaffi ja Piironki flea market is located in Lempäälä next to shopping center Ideapark. Klaffi ja Piironki lures people to visit and shop with their interesting decor and self-service tables full of treasures.

Visit Tampere Kirpputori Bonus Kirppis Laura Vanzo 7

Kodin Kakkonen

Papinkatu 20, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Kirpputori Bonus Kirppis Laura Vanzo 12

Fida second hand

Kuninkaankatu 22, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Kirpputori Bonus Kirppis Laura Vanzo 8

Bonus Kirppis

Itsenäisyydenkatu 11-13, Tampere
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Kyttälän Kirppis

Aleksanterinkatu 10, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Kirpputori Bonus Kirppis Laura Vanzo 9


Laukontori 12, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Kirpputori Bonus Kirppis Laura Vanzo 6

Kirpputori Tarina

Laukontori 4, Tampere
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Kirpputori Silinteri

Kirpputori Silinteri

Lempääläntie 21, 33820 Tampere
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Red Cross Finland Kontti

Harjuntausta 3, 33400 Tampere
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Jonnan Kirppis

Jonnan Kirppis

Enqvistinkatu 7, Tampere
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Pirkan Kirpputorikeskus

Pirkan kirpputorikeskus

Mäkirinteentie 4, 36220 Kangasala
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Klaffi Ja Piironki

Klaffi ja piironki

Kuljuntie 317, Lempäälä
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