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Top volleyball takes over Tampere in May – The flame of the Finnish men’s and women’s volleyball national teams is growing!

The Finnish home matches of the European Volleyball League will be played in Tampere from May 16th to May 19th, 2024. The men will compete in a three-team tournament in the Golden League, while the women will compete in a three-team tournament in the Silver League. The matches will take place at Hakametsä Ice Hall.

Both national teams will kick off the tournament with home matches. And best of all, every day is Finland’s game day. Fans are expected to flock to the matches to support and fuel the flame into a blaze!

The visiting teams for the women’s national team are Portugal and Luxembourg. For the men’s national team, the visiting teams are Belgium and Croatia.

Home tournament match schedule, Tampere:
Thu 16.5. 18:30 Finland – Luxembourg (women)
Fri 17.5. 16:30 Portugal – Luxembourg (women)
Fri 17.5. 19:30 Finland – Croatia (men)
Sat 18.5. 15:00 Finland – Portugal (women)
Sat 18.5. 18:00 Belgium – Croatia (men)
Sun 19.5. 17:00 Finland – Belgium (men)