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It's easy to get around in Tampere!

In Tampere city centre everything is within a walking distance. However, if you feel the need to get around with four wheels, Tampere Regional Transport Nysse offers a good route network in Tampere and the surrounding towns. You can travel conveniently and reliably from one place to another, every day, by bus. You can find routes and timetables on or you can download Nysse tulee! app which shows Tampere city traffic (TKL) bus locations and nearest bus stop timetables.


Need to take the bus several times a day?

You can buy a 24-hour-ticket or a travel card. For more information about the tickets, timetables and routes visit the public transportation customer service at Frenckellinaukio 2 B, right next to Keskustori central square. You can also get information on Tampere Regional Transport website.

Tampere Tram 

The tramway traffic started in August 2021. You can buy tickets on Nysse mobiili -mobile app or by using contactless payment – or use a travel card.

Hop on a bike, a scooter or take a cruise!

Cycling is the nicest way to get to know the city, or simply to get from one place to another. In Tampere, cycling lanes and services are constantly being developed to make bicycles the best option to move around.

Scooters are the newest hit with moving around the city. You can rent a Tier scooter with Tier app and Voi Scooter with Voi Scooter app.

On Hopealinjat (Silverline) cruises, you can reach Viikinsaari Island or make at trip to Hämeenlinna or Ruovesi.


Tampere is under construction – Where to park?

Several major urban development projects are under construction in the city centre of Tampere. They will make our every-day lives easier and enable the city to grow and develop, but when moving around the city, please note, that construction work might currently be affecting the traffic.

The City of Tampere maintains information on recommended routes and parking arrangements in the city centre. Learn more:

Parking in Tampere

Traffic situation in Tampere

Tampere started the construction of the tramway in spring 2017, and tram started operating  in 2021.

You can follow the construction of the second phase of the tramway on the website.