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The hottest public saunas in Tampere


Whether you are an active sauna-goer or a newbie interested in experiencing authentic Finnish sauna culture, Tampere – the Sauna Capital of the World – is the place to be! Tampere has the largest number of public saunas in Finland.

Our historic gem is the Rajaportti sauna – the oldest still operating public sauna in Finland. The sauna is located in the old workers area in ​​Pispala, and its roots date back to 1906. If you are looking for a sauna on the lakefront, you should head to the legendary Rauhaniemi or Kaupinoja sauna. Both of them offer possilibility to swim – even in the winter, if you have the guts to take a dip in ice cold water! In Kaukajärvi lake you can swim in the cleanest waters of Pirkanmaa. The Suomensaari sauna in Lielahti is renowned for its feisty heat and an exceptionally friendly service. In Tohloppi and in Hervanta, you can get an unique experience in delightful, portable “sauna cottages” by the lake. Our most notable sauna treasure, Koskentie sauna, is located at the upper floor of a small apartment building set up in Kaleva in 1949. In the sauna you can enjoy a genuine dose of authentic tamperean lifestyle and get a sense of public sauna experience.

In Tampere, every day is a sauna day. We warmly welcome you!

Public saunas in Tampere

Visit Tampere Kaukajarvi Swimming Stadium

Kaukajärvi beach and sauna

Kaukajärven uimala, Kangasalantie, Tampere
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Visit Tampere People Going To Swim At Kaupinoja Sauna Laura Vanzo

Kaupinoja sauna

Kaupinojan Sauna, Kaupinpuistonkatu, Tampere
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Koskentien Sauna Tampere

Koskentie Sauna

Ilmarinkatu 39, Tampere
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Visit Tampere People sitting outside at Rajaportti Sauna

Rajaportti sauna

Rajaportin sauna, Pispalan valtatie, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Children At Rauhaniemi Sauna Laura Vanzo

Rauhaniemi public sauna

Rauhaniementie 29, 33180 Tampere
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Suolijarvi Sauna

Suolijärvi sauna

Suolijärven sauna, Suolijärvenkatu, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Suomensaari Sauna

Suomensaari Sauna

Suomensaaren Sauna, Suomensaarenkatu, Tampere
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Tohloppi Sauna By The Tohloppi Lake

Tohloppi Sauna

Pyydyspohjankatu 1, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Family Time At Viikinsaari By The Lake Pyhäjärvi Laura Vanzo

Viikinsaari sauna

Viikinsaari, Tampere
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Visit Tampere Evening In Tullin Sauna Laura Vanzo 18

Tulli sauna

Åkerlundinkatu 3, Tampere
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