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Birgitta Trail

The Birgitta trail is situated in the beautiful nature of the municipality of Lempäälä, about 20 kilometers from Tampere. The trail is approximately 50 km long and it offers different kinds of routes to everybody from professionals to families with children. For hikers, there are eight campfire sites along the trail, huts and Finnish laavus, lean-tos, for overnight camping. Saarikonmäki shed in Hakkari and Vähä-Kausjärvi shed are of easy access.

Some parts of the trail goes near residential areas, so it’s fairly easy to reach the Trail with public transport. Along the route there’s for example the magnificent Kirskaanniemi cape, close to the bus route to Vuores (bus no 5, 2 km walk from the bus stop). From the road, there’s a wide path leading up to the cape, where you’ll find several campfire sites, hut and outhouse, all in a proper vantage point on the shore of the lovely lake.

You can find trekking map here

Kirskaanniemi, 37500 Lempäälä

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