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Lake City Activities


Make your holiday experience bigger by taking part in the season’s activities in Tampere. Enjoy the things you already love or try something completely new and exciting!

In Tampere, you can take part in guided activities all year round! These activities are arranged weekly for tourists and locals alike, who want to experience new things and be active in a group without having to gather up a big crowd themselves. You don’t even need your own equipment, just be sure to dress according to the weather and the activity in question. The program is valid when the weather allows. Please consider that most activities require signing up a day or two before. Just follow the link, contact the company, and sign up!



17-19 Ski Technique, 30 € (guidance) and if needed equipment 10 € / Hiking Travel

17-19 Nordic walking, 30 € (inc. guidance, walking sticks, and juice) / Hiking Travel



18-20 Tampere kick bike tour, 25 € (inc. guiding and equipment) / Hiking Travel



16-19 Tasting Tampere, 72€ / Hiking Travel



16-18 Kick biking in Kauppi, 30 € (inc. guidance and equipment) / Hiking Travel

18:45-20:30 (June – August) SUP Tampere, 20 € (guidance) and if needed equipment 10 € /Hiking Travel





11-13 Abseiling down the Pyynikki Observation Tower, 25€ (inc. abseiling once and doughnut + coffee) / Kelo ja Kallio Adventures

14-16 Snowshoeing Tour, 30 € (inc. guidance, equipment, and juice) / Hiking Travel



14-16 Tour Skating, 20 € (inc. guidance and juice) and equipment if needed 10 € / Hiking Travel

14-16 Short Guided Canoe Tours on Lake Näsijärvi, Tampere, 30 € (inc. guidance and equipment) / Hiking Travel


Roof Walk Finlayson Area is coming back in April. It is a unique experience where you can see and experience Tampere from a completely new perspective. Read more here.


Want to rent equipment and do it yourself instead? See here!