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Sustainable Events


Taking responsibility for and caring about the environmental impact of your event is a key asset and a contributor to your image as a responsible event organiser. The City of Tampere is committed to promoting sustainable development and therefore encourages event organisers to consider the environment in their operations.

Tips for Organizing a Sustainable Event


  • Choose venues that are easy to get to
  • Minimize the event’s impact on surrounding nature and water
  • Follow possible weight limitations, grass and other soft surface materials may not be able to take the weight of heavier vehicles and structures.
  • Clean up the venue and its surroundings after the event


  • Encourage participants and guests to arrive on foot, by bicycle or public transport.
  • Arrange for a supervised bike parking area for the event
  • Arrange for extra buses if needed
  • Use local providers, this minimizes the need for long distance transportation
  • Avoid unnecessary transportation


  • Promote recycling and reuse, avoid the use of disposable products
  • Where possible, use environmentally certified and sustainably and ethically sourced products
  • Reuse signs, banners, employees’ outfits and other materials
  • Repurpose unusable materials, such as old banners, flags and carpets. The materials can be used to make new products such as reusable bags
  • Do not distribute flyers and other marketing paraphernalia that will often be thrown away

Food & Water

  • Serve locally-produced seasonal produce and vegetarian foods
  • Where possible choose organic and Fair Trade products
  • Avoid disposable plates, cups and cutlery, charge a deposit for reusable dishes
  • Arrange waste sorting in food service areas or plan food service in a manner that makes it possible to dispose of all waste from food service as organic waste
  • Minimize food waste
  • Provide clean drinking water and a water bottle refilling station


  • If the noise from the event causes disturbance, remember to submit a notification of noise
  • Use fixed structures or the shape of the terrain to contain the noise within the venue
  • Inform the people who live nearby and other affected people or organisations about your event
  • Provide earplugs

More information on noise control

Waste management 

  • Draw up a waste management plan for your event
  • Arrange a sorting area and staff to assist with the sorting, make sorting easy for the participants
  • Make sure that there are enough clearly marked waste bins in the area, place them along walkways and near food stands, and make sure they are emptied often enough
  • Provide ashtrays in smoking areas
  • Provide enough toilet facilities for your staff, participants and audience

More information on waste management

EcoCompass Event Certificate

Event organisers can apply for the EcoCompass Event certificate that involves a commitment to long-term environmental performance and an environmental management programme with tangible measures to be taken.

Find out more about the EcoCompass environmental management system.