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Laipanmaa is an approximately 15,000-hectare area where hiking takes you through pine forests, pristine marshlands, and rocky terrain, past beautiful small lakes and forest ponds. The routes, which follow trails and forest roads, are marked with blue signs, and there are duckboards on the marshy sections. Laipanmaa offers four different routes of varying lengths: Elamo Circuit, Laipan Nature Trail, Hirvijärvi Circuit, and Sappee-Särkijärvi Circuit.

There are five lean-to shelters for resting, and camping is also allowed in the area. In Laipanmaa, you can hike on foot, and on the Sappee-Särkijärvi route, you can also bike and ride horses.

The forests consist of managed commercial forests in various stages of growth. On the nature trail starting from Rajala’s lodge, you can learn more about forestry and life in the area in ancient times.

Route: Several routes ranging from 3 to 30 km
Difficulty: from easy to demanding, depending on the route
Starting point and parking:
Rajala’s lodge: Teivaantie 751, 36430 Kangasala
Pihtilampi lean-to shelter: Pihtilammentie, 36910 Pälkäne
Sappee tourist center:
Sappeenvuorentie 200, 36450 Salmentaka
Services nearby: Sappee tourist center, services in Kuhmalahti and Aitoo

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