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Enjoy art!

Tampere Art Museum presents art-historical themes and phenomena related to Finnish and international contemporary art. The collections comprise for the major part of Finnish art from the early 19th century onwards. Contemporary exhibitions present the annual Young Artist of the Year and the collection of Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sara Hildén Art Museum is a permanent home of modern art, Finnish and foreign. In addition to the museum’s own collection, it presents changing exhibitions by renowned international visitors. The museum is located in Särkänniemi amusement park.

The World’s Only Moomin Museum is a place to discover the wit, wisdom, warmth and adventure of the Moomin books and illustrations known and loved by legions of fans all around the world.

Emil Aaltonen Museum located in Pyynikinlinna mansion presents the life of former shoe factory owner Aaltonen and displays some of his art collection. The Museum is reopened after renovation.

Hiekka Art Museum showcases mainly Finnish art from the 1630s to the 1950s. The collection also includes antique furniture, silver objects and articles of ethnographic value.

How was it in the old days?

The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas is situated in the historical Finlayson cotton mill area. At the Steam Engine Museum, admire the original Sulzer steam engine that used to produce power for the Finlayson cotton mill. The Industry Museum tells the story of Finnish industry both in the past and present.

Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing is a wooden block of buildings that housed working families starting over a century ago. Amuri is open during the summer and introduces visitors to various stories and the style of living from the 19th century to the 1970’s. Nostalgic and cute Café Amurin Helmi serves breakfast, soup lunch and home-made buns in the museum area year-round.

Museum Milavida is a distinctive museum located in Näsilinna palace, on Näsinkallio hill near the city centre. The permanent exhibition introduces the visitors to the intriguing story of past factory owner Wilhelm von Nottbeck’s family. Museum Milavida also displays changing theme exhibitions on fashion and design. Café serves customers downstairs.

Lauri Viita Museum allows a peek into the life of a working family in Pispala from 1920’s to 1960’s as well as the childhood and life-work of Finnish author Lauri Viita. The museum is open at weekends during the summer months.

Not your average museums

Vapriikki Museum Centre offers things to see and do for the whole family. The museum hosts about a dozen exhibitions each year, with varied themes from history to technology and natural sciences. Vapriikki is also home to the Natural History Museum, the Finnish Ice Hockey MuseumMineral MuseumMedia Museum RupriikkiFinnish Postal Museum and the Finnish Museum of Games. Visitors can also have lunch or a coffee at museum restaurant Valssi and shop at the museum store.

Lenin Museum presents the shared history of Finland and Russia in a vivid, comprehensive and critical way. The museum takes visitors to a fascinating journey through some of the most remarkable events in our history: The Russian Revolution, The founding of the Soviet Union, Finland’s independence, the Second World War and finally the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Spy Museum presents character stories, technical equipment, historical events and cunning methods of espionage. You can finish an agent test yourself, or eavesdrop the other visitors!

Finland’s only and official Police Museum is an excellent location for everyone interested in the history and present of Finnish police work. In the children’s police station “Pokela”, young visitors can dress up in police uniform and try out different police tasks. The museum features changing special exhibitions.

Discover the museums in Tampere region, too

The Automobile and Road Museum Mobilia is situated at the lakeside in Kangasala, only 20 kilometers from the city of Tampere. The museum has two exhibition halls: the Mobilia center features an annually changing exhibition, and the Autoglym Rally Gallery presents the international Rally Hall of Fame as well as classic vintage cars. In the summer traffic park outside, kids can practice driving and learn traffic rules.

The Car Museum of Vehoniemi is located in Kangasala in the Vehoniemenharju preservation area, approximately 24 kilometres from the Tampere City centre. The museum presents changing exhibition about the history of cars and motorcycles. At the Car Museum of Vehoniemi one can admire amazing vehicles from different decades. Don’t forget to taste some of the cafe’s famous pastries and visit the Vehoniemi observation tower! Visiting the exhibitions of the museum and the observation tower is free.

Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum with the museum’s changing exhibitions and Kangasala Art Centre’s gallery display high-class Finnish contemporary art and the works of sculptor Kimmo Pyykkö from several decades.

Voipaala Art Centre in Valkeakoski offers changing art exhibitions throughout the year, in a historical mansion milieu. There are also various events such as markets and park concerts organized in Voipaala, located near the Rapola hill fort is strongly rooted in both the past and the present.

Visavuori museum in Sääksmäki, Valkeakoski, is a former home and atelier of the sculptor Emil Wikström, now turned into a museum. Also the pavilion for Wikström’s grandson, the cartoonist Kari Suomalainen, is in the same complex and presents Kari’s art and changing exhibitions. The Karelian-style Visavuori was built in the beginning of the 1900’s and nowadays offers a good example of national romantic era of the artist. You can also reach Visavuori in the summertime with Finnish Silverline boat.

Serlachius Museums in the town of Mänttä, North of Tampere Region, are one of the most significant Finnish museum centres full of art, history and architecture in the middle of a magnificent lake landscape. The Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation maintains two museums. The roots of the museums stretch back to the history of Serlachius family, known for its role in Finnish paper industry as well as art collecting.