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Forest roads, birdsong and a strong aroma of spruce forest. The Aure route, which is rich in Geopark destinations and crosses Seitseminen National Park, transports travelers along dirt roads as well as rural long-distance roads through Kihniö and Parkano to a wonderful nature-rich adventure.
Length: 129 km.

Recommendation: Full tour for 2 days, stages on day trips or 1 night.

A great destination for those who love peace and quiet! Stunning sandy beaches in the middle of the forest, space to be and breathe, whispering of tall spruces. The stars of the route are the popular Seitseminen National Park with its numerous sites, the Kihniö Geopark sites, and the unique ITE art of the natural green Parkano.

Travel tip: You can also arrive in Parkano by train.

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