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Murder Mystery is a Tuoni Studios’ entertainment service, designed to give guests the thrill, the goosebumps, the joy and the memorable chance to solve cold-blooded murder cases. Events can be organized all over Finland in practically any venue where you want to host your guests.

Traditional Murder Mysteries are suitable for groups of 8-70 people, while Murder Mystery Shows can entertain larger groups of up to hundreds of people. Our Mystery selection includes several murder plots proven to be excellent for every taste. The themes of the stories vary from mafia-style speakeasies to elegant casinos and from the history of gold diggers through soap operas to 80s action movies.

Tuoni Studios is known for its storied events, and especially for Finland’s most popular Murder Mysteries, which we have organized since 2008. During our criminal history, we have produced more than 3,000 events, so we know how to make guests have a great time. You can contact us when you need unforgettable entertainment (and possibly an alibi during the Murder Mystery).

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