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Valkeakoski health village is a countryside day spa, focusing on benefits of the Finnish sauna. The owner Dr Leena Larva has developed the concept for Medical SPA Aino for two decades.

A whole body peat mask in sauna will help your body’s fluid system to recover. The effect can be increased with a vibration plate gym and infra-red sauna. A dip in an ice water pool gives a beneficial ending to the treatment. In whole you will feel deeply relaxed and refreshed both in your body and mind.

SUOMAA peat treatment is suitable for everyone from children to elderly people. Our guests have always personal guidance. You can visit us alone or with family up till 8 persons in a group. In summertime we offer a tent sauna and warm pool with salt purification and aqua gym.

Water, tea and snacks are included and you can also reserve a meal after the sauna.

Sauna From Finland has granted us the first ever certificate of an Authentic Finnish Sauna experience. We have the first certificate in the world as Unique Sauna.

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