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Think Sustainably. Your guide to more sustainable choices.

Tampere aims to grow sustainably and be carbon neutral by 2030. Think Sustainably is a service that supports your sustainable choices in Tampere.

Think Sustainably service in Tampere is based on MyHelsinki Think Sustainably service.

Find more sustainable options – follow the heart

Think Sustainably is your guide to more sustainable choices. It also encourages local companies to take steps towards a climate-friendlier future. Companies participating in Think Sustainably service are marked with a red, heart-shaped label. These companies meet the industry-specific sustainability criteria and are committed to promoting sustainable options to make your visit and everyday life in Tampere a greener one.

Sustainability criteria

Think Sustainably service is based on criteria tailored to Tampere, which have been developed in cooperation with the incubator Demos Helsinki and local experts and stakeholders. Criteria include energy, food and service, and social sustainability, among others.

In addition to taking energy and water consumption into account, plant-based food and using eco-labeled products are part of sustainable accommodation.

Sustainable attractions pay attention to energy consumption and waste reduction. Climate-friendly food options and accessibility also make a difference.

A sustainable event is accessible for all. Environmental sustainability is taken into account in recycling and energy saving, as well as by encouraging guests to arrive by public transport.

Restaurants, cafés and bars
In the restaurant industry, vegetarian options and paying attention to food waste are signs of sustainability. Locally produced food and decreasing packaging waste also matter.

Recycled materials and offering used products are ways to reduce the carbon footprint. A sustainable production chain considers the product life cycle from start to finish.

Energy consumption, using renewable energy and considering sustainability in catering and materials play a key role in the sustainability of venues.