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The Lake City of Finland. Finnish sauna capital. The favorite getaway of Finns*. The most lovable Finnish city**. Positively weird. Friendly and casual. Full of big-scale events and peaceful nature. It is not easy to f it Tampere into one definition; to be able to describe it with words, you need to try it!

* Willingness to move 2016 research, Taloustutkimus
** The Best Cities to Travel in Finland 2017 research, Taloustutkimus


On this section you will find information about products in Tampere and the Tampere region, latest news and links to materials to make it easier to plan trips to Finland for you clients. Should you wish to use any of our text or picture content on your website, you may do so providing that you keep the information updated at all times.


If you need more detailed information or help, please, do not hesitate to contact one of our travel trade professionals!

Contact Our Leisure Marketing Team!

Pirjo Puukka

Account Manager, Germany and the UK

I’m responsible for the German and UK markets working together with the Western Lakeland area and Visit Finland.

Mari Saloniemi

Account Manager, Asia

I’m in charge of the Asian market, working in close cooperation with my colleagues in the Western Lakeland area and Visit Finland.

Grigory Kharitidis

Project Manager, Lakesperience

I am in charge of Russian market B2B and B2C. Also managing Lakesperience tourism marketing and development project to promote Tampere’s lake services in Germany.