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The House of Mr. Clutterbuck is an exciting and active theme park based on the characters from Mauri Kunnas’s children’s books. In the house you can actually play in lovely, imaginative surroundings enjoying colourful sights and sounds.

You can play house in the home of Mr. Clutterbuck or have a swordfight in the room of King Arthur and his Knights. You can also visit the future in Out-Of-This-World Space or the past in the Doghill Kids old town.

From May until the end of October Mr. Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard is also open. In the Yard you can whizz around in pedal cars, fill up at the fuel station or maybe take your vehicle to the car wash.

The Shop of Lovely Things sells all kinds of souvenirs, many on which have the lovely Mr. Clutterbuck or other characters from Kunnas’s books. The gift shop is open for all visitors, without admission fee.

The House of Mr. Clutterbuck is situated in Sastamala, Vammala, a beautiful city between two lakes. It is about 50 km from Tampere and 200 km from Helsinki.

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