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Locally crafted beers are getting more popular by the minute in Finland. They have already taken over restaurants around the country and the best of them have won several awards in international competitions.

Koskipanimo | Plevna (est. 1994)

Tampere’s oldest small brewery, Koskipanimo is the heart of Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant, located in the historical Finlayson factory district in central Tampere. In addition to seasonal products, the brewery produces nearly twenty different beers, ciders and meads, including the award-winning Siperia Stout and Weizenbock. Their products are also available at the brewery’s sister venture, Oluthuone Panimomestari near Tampere’s railway station.

Nokian Panimo (est. 1991)

Started out as a protest against the closure of the traditional and locally important Pyynikki Brewery, Nokian Panimo, based in the town of Nokia outside Tampere, is now one of Finland’s leading mid-sized breweries. Their beers, ciders and soft drinks are readily available at most grocery stores around the country. Good starting points to their product line are the award-winning Keisari 66 American Pale Ale and Keisari Elowehnä.

Pyynikin Craft Brewery (Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo) (est. 2013)

An ambitious artisan brewery with more than 1,000 private owners, Pyynikin Craft Brewery has already gained international recognition with its products: their Ruby Jazz Ale won its category at the 2016 World Beer Awards and their Black IPA has been selected the best Finnish dark IPA several times over. You can check the availability of their products with the handy map of retailers.

Kaleva Brewing Company (est. 2016)

A microbrewery based in Tampere’s trendy Kaleva district, Kaleva Brewing Company shares ownership and premises at Musakeskus with the cool Public House Huurre. Their varying products can be sampled at Huurre and other local pubs.

Nordic Brewery (est. 2016)

With its origins in the local Gastropub empire, Nordic Brewery produces no-nonsense beers for the slightly more conservative palate.  The most likely places to bump into Nordic’s products are the Gastropub restaurants.

Brewcats | Sideshow Brewery (est. 2015)

Tampere’s gypsy brewers extraordinaire, Brewcats took Finland’s brewery scene by storm in 2015 with their all-girl staff and saucy advertising. Working under the wing of Sideshow Brewery, their product concepts are brought to life by using production capacity rented from other small breweries.

Sori Brewing (est. 2013)

A “crowdfunded nomad brewery,” Sori Brewing is a strange bird among Finnish breweries. Although the company has its roots in the Sori district of Tampere, its production facility, for reasons mostly related to Finnish legislation, is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Sori Brewing’s adventurous products can be found at Alko stores and selected pubs.

Olutpaja (est. 2009)

Located in Pälkäne, 40 km southeast of Tampere, Olutpaja’s products can be purchased from the magnificent Rönnvik Winery in Pälkäne.

Hopping Brewsters (est. 2014)

Based in Akaa, 40 km south of Tampere, Hopping Brewsters has already made its mark with the award-winning Warthog IPA. Although widely available at grocery stores and restaurants in Southern Finland, you can pinpoint retailers stocking their products with their Beer Radar; just type your city in the text field.

Finlandia Sahti (est. 1992)

A traditional Finnish unfiltered beer protected by the EU Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG) quality scheme, sahti has lately experienced a surge of international interest. The only commercial sahti brewer in Tampere Region, Finlandia Sahti is located in Sastamala’s Putaja 60 km west of Tampere where they run a shop and a restaurant. Their products are also available at selected Alko stores.

Teerenpeli (est. 1995)

Hailing from Lahti, 130 km southeast from Tampere, Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery runs restaurants in Tampere and other cities.