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Tampere Region has the largest amount of public saunas in Finland; almost 60 saunas. To experience the absolute elite of Finnish saunas, you simply must pamper yourself also in saunas in the surroundings of Tampere. In these saunas, you get also the full experience on winter swimming.

In Kyröskoski, Kauhtuan sauna, you can enjoy a smoke sauna described the best in the Tampere Region. In Veittijärvi, in Ylöjärvi, you can also enjoy a smoke sauna, and an electric sauna, that’s known for its soft heat. The Räikkä sauna is located in a maintenance building of a sports field, so you can for example go skiing before relaxing in the sauna. In Nokia, in Alisniemi sauna, you can admire the atmosphere of a genuine wilderness lake. If you are an night owl, the Halkoniemi sauna is the place for you because it’s open almost until the midnight two nights a week. If you are looking for more urban atmosphere, head to Apia sauna in Valkeakoski. In Orivesi, the heat of the wood-heated sauna of the Säynäniemi camping area is deep and moist. If you feel like exercising your ice swimming skills, head to the Vesaniemi sauna in Kangasala. In Lempäälä, men and women can bath separatedly both in the Rantalan sauna and in the Lempoinen swimming facility. Also in Pirkkala, the Reippi sauna has separate saunas for men and for women. The sauna offers spectacular scenery to the Lake Pyhäjärvi. In Pirkkala, is also  located the newest addition to the sauna capital, modern Pereensaaren sauna, that has great views to Pyhäjärvi lake as well. Don’t forget the stunning Art sauna at Serlachius, in Mänttä!