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The highest, the oldest and the biggest in Tampere


The tallest building in Tampere – and in Finland – is of course Näsinneula. It is also the second highest observation tower in the Nordic countries, rising to the height of 168 metres. Finland’s tallest hotel building can also be found from Tampere, namely the recently opened 88-meter high Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. In addition to this, the tower hotel (Torni means tower in Finnish) is also the second tallest building in Tampere and in Finland, right after Näsinneula. No surprise that also the highest industrial building has its home in Tampere: the famous 55-meter Pispalan haulitorni, a tower used for making gun shots. The shot manufacturing days ended already in the beginning of the 1970’s but the tower itself is still holding its place as the grand Pispala landmark.

Rajaportti sauna is also situated in Pispala district, and it is the oldest public sauna still in use in Finland. The sauna is still almost exactly as it was when it was first opened in the beginning of the 1900’s and according to sauna enthusiasts it offers the best and smoothest heat in Finland, all year round. Already some years before Rajaportti was opened, the first electric light bulb in Finland was lit in the Finlayson weaving hall in 1882.

The oldest fossils in Finland are the 2 billion years old “cole pouches”, Corycium enigmaticum, that were found in Aitolahti, Tampere, in the rocks on the shore of Näsijärvi lake.  On a bit less pre-historical subject, also the first ice stadium was built to Tampere: the Hakametsä stadium, that was built for the 1965 Ice hockey World Championships. Even Finland’s first McDonald’s was established in Tampere, in 1984. The list continues with the oldest British pub in Finland, which can also be found in Tampere – namely the Salhojankadun Pub in the Tammela district.

We finish this list of the highest, oldest, biggest and best in town modestly off by reminding that on top of all of this, Tampere also happens to be Scandinavia’s largest inland city!