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Welcome to a boat trip on Lake Pyhäjärvi having a coastline between the cities of Tampere, Pirkkala and Nokia! We have trips from short distance to all day cruising with route and destination of your preference.

A cruise on the lake is pleasant as such, but also a nice add-on to breakfast, lunch, dinner or other gathering at your destination. You can also enjoy some famous scenery like Pispala and Pyynikki from a different angle.

We can take up to six (6) passengers for shorter trips with lower speed, and four (4) passengers in case of longer distances or higher speed.

You do not have to bring anything else but your normal necessary items, and we have life west and other accessories available in the boat for all passengers.

Online bookings are available for suitable dates about one week ahead looking at weather forecast etc. You are welcome to contact us any time for last minute travel deals or other bookings for your preferred travel time.

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