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Enjoy a Finnish sauna experience and relax in a private Tentsile tree tent! In Sastamala, the Tampere Region, you can have an authentic Finnish sauna experience and a relaxing breather in Tentsile Experience Camp Kommee Kurki.

Take a nap in the private tree tent campsite, observe the nature and bird lake and enjoy the campfire. There are two tree tents at the campsite and you can choose either of them as they both are always for the same entourage. After the breather you’ll have a wonderful sauna shift in our Bedford Carriage sauna.

We will pre-heat the sauna for you, and during the sauna you can add some firewood into the fireplace of the stove. That will be a part of the sauna experience as you can do your own bit! Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult, just pay attention to sauna safety – you’ll get as much instructions as you need.

The price includes towels, bench covers and mineral water.

You will have the tree tent campsite for your use at 12-3 pm and the sauna shift is 3-4.30 pm. This package of breather and sauna is available from May until September.

Kommee Kurki is part of Think Sustainably Programme of Visit Tampere, and as LGBTQ friendly destination, we are a member of We Speak Gay community.

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