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Aaltokorjaamo practises Traditional Kalevala Mobilization Therapy, i.e. “kalevalainen jäsenkorjaus” in Finnish. The therapy is based on a Finnish folk manual therapy dating back over a thousand years. This mobilization therapy is an extremely gentle form of treatment, suitable for all ages, even newborns.

The therapy is used for all kinds of problems in and originating from their musculoskeletal system, but it is also excellent in maintaining a body’s balance before problems arise.

The therapy focuses on loosening the soft-tissues around the body and allowing for a more aligned and balanced movement throughout the body. This can help with e.g. nerve impingements, resulting in reduced feelings of pain, numbness.

The therapy session treats the entire body every time. Starting from the feet and all the way to the top of the head. The treatments are usually made against bare skin, but only the treated parts are exposed.

The goal of the treatment is to make the person feel relaxed and that means I will do all I can to make that person feel at ease all the time. People are known to have fallen asleep during the treatment and that’s OK!

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