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“Show Must Go On” is a spectacular performance based on the music of the band Queen, featuring top singers, costumes faithful to the band’s style, and lights. The show is also a tribute to the memory of the most charismatic singer of all time, Freddie Mercury.

Mercury is portrayed by Mikael Saari, whose charming interpretation of Queen’s music has been heard previously, for example, in the “Tähdet Tähdet” singing competition. The general public also remembers Mikael from the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, where he has participated twice already. Additionally, Mikael has become familiar to audiences performing on the stages of Finland’s biggest theaters and playing several musical roles.

Alongside the story of the Queen band, there is also a tale of the Finnish band “Bohemians” and their humorous journey to world domination. Bohemians beautifully interprets Queen’s music, but their journey to London is not without mishaps.

The show features a professionally committed band immersing themselves in Queen’s colorful sound world. No words can fully describe this performance, so your best option is to come and experience it for yourself!